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2015 K-Global Startup Engine DemoDay

Oct 21st, 2015




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The Startup Engine Program

Since 2013

Startup Engine is a program sponsored by NIPA (Korea's National IT Industry Promotion Agency) to help Korea's most promising startups earn spots at leading accelerators from around the world. As part of the program, we work directly with the startups and accelerators to create just the right matches. From the initial pool of applicants, we will use a rigorous and transparent process to select the 40 most promising candidates. These companies will have access to exclusive training, workshops and resources that will set them on the path toward acceleration. The curriculum is designed and delivered by expert mentors from fields including entrepreneurship, finance, legal, marketing and design. During the program, startups will have the opportunity to meet directly with top-level representatives from the accelerators, along with other industry VIPs at a networking night in Seoul. A month later, the accelerators will return to Seoul for a spectacular demo day that will showcase the 40 startup finalists. The startups selected for acceleration will travel around the world to participate in programs that have count some of the world's most-talked-about startup among their alumni.


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The Startups

Top 40 Korean Startups




KamiBot is a coding or programming education divide, where the user can create robots and interact with them via an mobile app.


3CLAPS is Zara for Kids. Through an app they provide the fastest trendy fashion for kids.


Any Help is a personal help matching O2O platform which matches people who need help and people who can help. Any Help offers an opportunity of making money to anyone even he or she is not a professional, while helps people to be helped even if the help is menial.


Attocube is an online to offline brain training and teaching toy for children, consisting of various physical cubes and a sensoring app. The application gives instruction which the child has to follow by turning and moving the cubes, whilst getting rewarded.

Baum Corporation

PowerBaum is an electronic design automation (EDA) software that automatically generates a fast and accurate power models for semiconductor chip designers.


BluePrint-Lab provides online trading marketplace which users can trade their 3Dmodeling data file each other. Own 3D modes also can be created.

Brilliant and Company

By using so called smart accessories and an app which generates environmental details and information, users can receive detailed information about various environmental factors which also stand in relation with their personal health.

Contents First

TappyToon is a platform for Korean webtoons digital comics and - but translated and remastered for mobile, English readers..


JUNE is a planner/calendar planner optimized for the effortless of time management in a mobile environment with patented drag&drop. In addition, connections to Google, Evernote, Facebook helps users plan their time in an easier and smarter way.


For US college students looking for the first job out of college, we are making a personalized job navigator that helps them find and land the best-fitting jobs they will love.


On-Demand Travel Concierge Service Problem : Time and efforts to understand the place before starting travel bookings

Duty Free World

DutyFreeWorld INC. is providing "global duty & tax-free o2o shopping platform for Chinese overseas travelers" by mobile application in Korea.


Initial service of FITT is exercise tests provided to clients by personal trainers. Through the tests, the users can find out their fitness levels in percentage in comparison with people of the same age and gender.

Fromnull Soft

Various sports simulation game app for gold or badminton where for example results can be tracked in real-time using a golf club during a golf ball practice.


Grape contacts app helps users to remember everyone they've met and discover opportunities in their network.


Pixtore Market is an eBook marketplace for zines(Indie self-published). It support direct transaction for indie magazines and art books between reader and creators.


‘What To Eat Today' is a mobile curation service specialized in food contents ranging from recommended restaurants to tasty food recipes to even trending video clips.

Hello Mission

Hellomission is online networking service for global task-sumer. from the lots of task-sumer area especially we connect traveler with locals to trade base on meeting up.


ivLessons provides the only and best online eLearning website that provides Lessons, Lectures and VOD (Video on Demand).


With Komachine the developer tries to get the whole machine industry on a online level and make things more faster and convenient,

Luke Korea

The system by Luke Korea Inc. is the mobile healthcare platform, which the patients would be record and archive their personal medical and healthcare records.


Pret A Mode is a new-breed fashion eco-system for independent fashion brands, boutiques and designers.


Funch, a 10 Second Video Challenge Mobile App., combines a social video sharing platform with the concept of competition or comparison with others.

Memoirs Inc

Memoirs is a vertical platfrom with a mission of creating "world's archive of stories."

More Dream

The SAFE stroke is an input apparatus for Arabic, Farsi, and Urdu language. It is specially designed to substitute conventional keyboards on mobile handsets. It is simple, Accurate, Fast, and Easy for customers to use on mobile handset

Moving Key

Tilt Code is a smart phone based interactive advertisement technology such as QR Code or NFC. It recognizes users by the tilt of smart phones using a digital compass, a gyro sensor, and a gravity sensor in them.


Nolgo Tech team used as an application service so convenient to use public transport (city bus) for enterprises solve the problem as a problem of the developing countries as a technology.


ORIENTYPES is a Web/Mobile based service with various oriental message designs users can edit and re-create into meaningful DIY products (like wall stickers, smart phone cases and etc).

Pin Story

PinStory is a food-tech startup providing restaurant reservation services on mobile for locales and foreigners.


‘Plics’ is an image-based ‘storytelling tool’. It is an online platform to share stories by attaching extensive information on a single image.


RICHSLIDE is a digital signage platform running on any devices as well as OS, and it is real-time web based S/W. They focused mirror media, where they occupy the biggest market share of mirror media in Korea up to now.


Soundmate is a university-based music discovery SNS that music listeners can discover songs that fit their current situations or mood overcoming the genre.

Studio Hugh

Slapstick tries to combine music such as EDM(Electronic Dance Music) and Pop art, as well as Toy " Animation with touch of fine art"/ to create decent webanimations.

With Who's good a platform should be created that provides independent information using fact-based algorithms that integrate public data, big data and advanced technology. Main focus is gaining transparency among major operating companies.


Taggle is the Gallery recreated for your ever-growing gallery. Instead of foldering photos, ‘Tag Gallery’ for easier search and organization. Taggle lets you do everything with photos in just one touch. .


Pet Service Real-Time Reservation/Match Service - Make a reservation/transaction of nearby Pet Stores from users - Gives pet store service reservation.


Selfie X, Triankle’s flagship product, lets users swap selfies SIMULTANEOUSLY with someone they interest, and see how people REACT in video.


Our mobile app eliminates unnecessary grading time for teachers and helps them manage students' grades efficiently. The app analyzes test responses, provides statistics on problem areas and highlights student improvement needs.

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We aim to take the Korean economy one step forward by transforming it into a creative economy in which new added value and jobs are created by combining people's creativity with advanced science and technology. First, we will do our utmost to spread the vision of the creative economy based on a spirit of creativity and challenge. Second, we will boost the dynamics of the creative economy through convergence.Third, we will consolidate the foundations of the creative economy by making continuous innovations in the fields of science, technology and ICT.


NIPA devotes itself to reinforcing the competitiveness of the IT industry and contributes to the economic growth through the efficient support and laying the groundwork for the industrial technology promotion.



DEV Korea

DEV Korea is a global accelerator aiming to bring the knowledge and experience to build a new start-up ecosystem. With the right blend of investment and guidance, DEV fosters and provides a platform for Korean start-ups seeking to expand and succeed in the global arena.

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At Accelerate Korea, we specialize in bridging ecosystems across borders internationally with our current focus being Europe and Korea. It is our goal to act as a catalyst to support the healthy and rapid development within the Korean Startup Ecosystem.

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